RF Microwave Components DC to 20 GHz
Private Label OEM
Automated Manufacturing Process
Using modern cutting edge technology we are able to reduce lead times and keep costs low while manufacturing here in the USA
Low Cost Prototyping
Using our cutting edge software and machinery we are able to produce small product runs or prototypes at lower cost than average
RF Microwave Components DC to 20 GHz

90 Degree

rf termination


Werbel Microwave LLC designs and manufactures power dividers, directional couplers and other assemblies for use in communications and measurement applications. The products offered by Werbel Microwave LLC is of our own design, so they we may support our projects indefinitely.

We have a 1,300 square foot office near New Jersey highways 10 and 287. ​

AWR Microwave Office software for EM design and simulation.

Alibre solid mechanical 3D CAD software, compatible with IGES and STEP formats.

Vector Network Analyzer test setups to 20GHz.​​

Assembly stations fitted with hot air rework stations and 40X microscopes.

CNC Router SMT reflow oven.

C02 Laser engraver.

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