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SMA 6-way Power Divider from 600 MHz to 6 GHz

Werbel Microwave designs and manufactures a wide selection of power dividers combiners splitters. These components are used in RF systems to combine multiple signals or split into multiple signals of equal magnitude and phase.  Werbel Microwave offers designs of Wilkinson, resistive, ferrite and reactive technology and are among the highest performance in the industry.

The D-6066 is a 6-way Wilkinson divider that operates from 600 MHz to 6 GHz and can handle up to 30 watts CW as a splitter.  It is part of Werbel Microwave’s catalog of splitters that offer a wide range of port count and frequency ranges.

The unit operates over the frequency range 600MHz (useable from 500MHz) to 6 GHz.  Insertion loss is 1.2 dB max from the low end to 3 GHz and 2.6 dB max from 3 to 6 GHz.  Input VSWR is 1.9:1 max below 698MHz and 1.6:1 max from 698MHz to 6 GHz.  Ouptut VSWR is 1.4:1 max.  Isolation up to 698MHz is 15 dB min and 18 dB min from 698 MHz to 6 GHz.  Amplitude balance is 1.2 dB max and phase balance is 8 degrees max.

The unit features an aluminum enclosure with brass connectors.

Insertion loss is above theoretical splitting loss.
Max input power rated for use as a splitter into load VSWR better than 1.20:1.

Commonly used bands covered by this model include: Public Safety, Mobile Radio, Cellular, PCS, LTE, UMTS, L band, S band, WiMAX, DAS, GPS, Commercial Carrier