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3-way 2-18GHz SMA-Female

Werbel Microwave LLC model WMPD03-2-18-S is a wide-band, "true" 3-way splitter/combiner that covers 2-18GHz in a size measuring 4.46×2.46×0.38 inches.  The unit ships with stainless steel SMA female connectors.

Features: Provides a "true" 3-way split over the continuous band, which saves about 1.2dB insertion loss versus using a 4-way splitter with one output terminated.  When every tenth of a dB counts, look to Werbel Microwave.

Factory Seconds

Factory seconds, also known simply as "seconds" are functioning items that have minor fault or cosmetic defect, and sold as a reduced rate.  For example, the case may be scratched but the unit otherwise functions properly. 


One example of a minor fault would be if the isolation specification of a power divider is 18 dB minimum, but a small set of frequency points measured at 17.5 dB.  The unit did not meet all of the original specifications but should otherwise be usable for non-critical applications.


Seconds are offered at a reduced rate and availability is sporadic.  Please visit our store to view current seconds inventory available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Products tagged as seconds will feature "FS" in the suffix of the part number on the label.  They are offered ''as is'' without any expressed or implied warranty.